“How can I get my child to become a stronger writer?”

“I like to copy the animals from the story and their letter.”- 5 year old Justin A.

Practice, practice, practice! Except it’s not what you may think. Directed writing is a classic concept but free writing will really help young learners creatively explore. The following ideas will help strengthen fine motor skills and encourage children to want to write.

– Promote drawing! It’s a pre-writing behavior. Soon you’ll see scribbles that resemble letters and words. Ask your child to describe their work. Perhaps they’ll want to share it?

-Use clothing- buttoning, zipping, snapping and tying help coordinate fine motor movements.

-Attach some construction paper together and create a book about a topic of their choice. You can print pictures of the family and label each person.

-Make shopping lists. Ask children to illustrate things that are needed from the supermarket.

-With supervision, pick up small items (coins, legos, buttons) using the pincer grasp (thumb and index finger) in order to expose learners to a “correct” way to hold a writing utensil.

.-Playing with paper- ripping paper and cutting paper will allow learners to see their creations in action. They’ll look at the way it started and how it changed, prompting creative expression. more information about yourself.

-By offering a variety of writing utensils like pencils, crayons, markers, dry erase markers and chalk, children will learn that there are many ways to create a message.